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Homes By Parker, Inc.


Homes by Parker, Inc. is a personally supervised homebuilding company, solely owned and operated by Craig Parker with his main focus on building New Homes, Whole House Remodels or Major Additions within the Central areas of Austin.

Growing up within a family building/real estate business, Craig has over 40 years experience in the business of residential real estate.

Graduating from Sam Houston State University in 1976, with a Business Degree, Craig worked in his Father’s Building and Mother’s Real Estate Company in Port Lavaca, Texas.  He was involved in the construction of new homes, remodels, additions, developing a residential neighborhood and a variety of commercial projects.  He served on the City’s Planning Commission for 8 years and 3 years as the Board’s Chairman.  In the early 90’s he was a fire and casualty claims adjuster for a large insurance company providing settlements for property claims.

Relocating to Austin in 1993, Craig joined Moreland Properties as a Realtor Associate, helping Buyers and Sellers in the purchase and sale of their homes.  During this period, he constructed a Hillside home in Westlake and two whole house remodels.

In 2005, Craig re-entered the building business, after a friend asked for help in converting an old garage into a living space.  Involvement in this project was a reminder of how exciting it is to transform an older outdated building into a newly updated modern space.  

In recent years, with the huge demand for new central homes, Craig has improved numerous properties from old outdated dilapidated houses to New Modern Homes as well as Completely Renovated Homes down to the studs.  He is also a Member of the Home Builders Association.

The guiding building principles are:
  • Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthy
  • Personal Supervised Professional Quality Work
  • Keep it Simple
  • Less is More
  • Form Follows Function
  • Be Mindful of the Neighbors and Neighborhood
  • Build it as Green as the Budget Allows

Craig’s knowledge, experience and understanding of market conditions provides him with a well rounded prospective of what it takes to plan, construct and visualize a Home Building Project.